Craig’s top tips in the news

lifestyle monthly

As one of the country’s top DIY and home improvement experts, Craig regularly writes articles offering readers his top tips on various jobs around the home.

Craig has a regular column in Liverpool’s ‘Lifestyle Monthly’ magazine in which he keeps reader updated on all his latest news and gives advice about different aspects of DIY.

He also regularly features as an expert in ‘Pro Installer Magazine’, a publication dedicated to the industry. He will also soon be featuring in ‘Latest Homes’ magazine, one of the premier magazines in the south of England with a readership of 100,000.

This week Craig has once again appeared on Ideal World to give live demonstrations of the paint company Wagner's range of products as part of their pick of the day feature.

Craig is official brand ambassador of Wagner's, who are a market leading manufacturer of high tech products and systems for coating and decorating. They aim their products at people of all ability-levels from novices to professionals, and design them to make decorating as easy and efficient as possible.