Craig and Wagner on Ideal World


Craig will appear on Ideal World this weekend to give live demonstrations of the paint company Wagner's range of products as part of their pick of the day feature.

Ideal World is a leading shopping channel which showcases a wide range of items for the home and aims to present top-quality products to the public.

Craig is official brand ambassador for Wagner, who are a market leading manufacturer of high tech products and systems for coating and decorating. Wagner offers a complete range of products stretching from single components in the areas of feeding, mixing, controlling and application, right up to products for complex large-scale installations.

Craig said: 'It's always great to be doing pick of the day and supporting Wagner on Ideal World. Their Spraytech equipment guarantees speed and efficiency whilst making sure every coat of paint is evenly applied. You can save at least half the time in comparison to using a brush or roller!'

More information about Wagner can be found at