Craig conquers “toughest event on Earth”

Craig Phillips

As we all know, a stint in the Big Brother House is one of the most mentally taxing experiences out there. The challenges, the arguments, the backstabbing, and the fact that it’s all being played out in front of millions of viewers. Craig, who conquered the House with ease, decided to immerse himself in a completely different experience this month – one that would involve cold water, ice, fire, mud, and even electrocution!

In the first week of August, Craig took part in the Total Warrior challenge, an assault course billed the “toughest event on Earth”. Travelling up to the rugged Lake District, he had to complete a 10k cross country run rigged with 30 difficult obstacles, including a pit of ice, monkey bars, thick mud, vertiginous climbs and, perhaps toughest of all, hundreds of live electric wires.

Craig, being a complete trooper, not only completed the course, but ranked a highly impressive seventh in his age category out of more than 250 contestants, which included former soldiers and veteran athletes. He even went as far as to say, “The course is great fun, I’d highly recommend it!”