Craig Phillips unveils new college construction centre

Craig was recently invited to ‘cut the ribbon’ at a new construction centre at Stourbridge College.
The day saw the culmination of tireless efforts from everyone involved in the building and development of the £1.5million project. The construction centre provides a great space for students to thrive, learn the essentials of the trade all while using high-tech equipment. The idea for the new centre came from the closure of the Advanced Technology Centre and with the hopes that it will spark interest and dedication amongst all students. It will offer an eclectic range of qualifications from Level 1 which caters to pre-GCSE students all the way to higher level and apprenticeships up to university level.
Craig was brought on board to not only give his stamp of approval on the phenomenal establishment but also to interact with the students by setting them three practical challenges. The first was to create a game of optical illusion out of wood, the second to rewire a plug and finally carry out fabrication of pipework. The students responded well to Craig and all enjoyed the master classes he headed up. The day was a resounding success and Craig has high hopes for the creativity that will buzz around the centre for the foreseeable future.
Recognised for his DIY expertise and endless portfolio of building projects of his own Craig was the perfect match for the day and truly helped inspire all students who were in attendance.