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Home DIY with Craig Phillips

The Home TV channel has teamed up with DIY expert Craig Phillips to produce this handy guide to the most common DIY tasks. Projects include:

  • How to hang wallpaper
  • How to lay laminate flooring
  • How to tile walls
  • How to paint behind radiators
  • How to use a power drill

The 'How to' guides contain more than 20 minutes of video presented by Craig Phillips and step by step advice. They also include a list of all the things you'll need to complete each task, which you can easily save into a shopping list in your projects folders.

Use the 'Projects' area to save all your DIY tasks into handy customisable folders with to-do lists, photos, shopping lists and room calculations.

Our handy Calculators will help you work out quantities for common DIY materials such as tiles, paint and wallpaper. You can also save your calculations into your project folders. Finally, you'll also find a useful Spirit level.

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