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Mr Battle of Flowers

Craig was once again the undisputed darling of the people as he stood atop a giant float at the Jersey Battle of Flowers waving to a crowd of thousands of adoring fans.

Craig Phillips

As we all know, a stint in the Big Brother House is one of the most mentally taxing experiences out there. The challenges, the arguments, the backstabbing, and the fact that it’s all being played out in front of millions of viewers.

Craig Phillips at Tri Liverpool

Craig was among more than 1500 athletes who raced through his hometown’s iconic landmarks as part of Tri Liverpool, the biggest triathlon event in the country.


As an ambassador for Checkatrade, Craig Phillips has been chosen to represent the company in a charity football match on Saturday 25th July.

Craig Phillips, Wagner

Craig put his vast DIY knowledge and sales experience to the test when he travelled to Wagner Spraytech’s annual conference in Austria.

Craig Phillips - NHS Trust awards ceremony

Craig showed his support for Britain’s much-loved healthcare system by attending the St Helens & Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust awards ceremony.

More than 1,000 staff from the Trust and their guests gathered at Liverpool Arena to celebrate the NHS employees' hard work and devotion.