Craig's regular presence in the media makes him the perfect candidate to gain mass exposure for your brand. A trusted ambassador, Craig has worked with companies small and large throughout his career, working hard to ensure the clients he represents get the publicity they deserve.

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At Champions (UK) Plc we will work with you to create a bespoke package of activities for Craig to incorporate into an ambassadorial role for your brand. Some of the benefits of having Craig as a brand ambassador include:

  • Valuable media coverage
  • The use of Craig's name and image rights for PR and marketing literature to promote your company
  • An agreed number of days per year for Craig to take part in activities and promotion for your company
  • Endorsements and testimonials
  • Advertising including television, radio, online and print
  • Hosting, presenting and providing editorial contributions
  • Personal appearances including home and trade shows, venue openings, media appearances, event hosting, product launches, educational visits, motivational speaking, after dinner speaking, award ceremonies and more.
  • Cross promotion with Craig's other endorsements
  • Cross funding on ideas and activities with other organisations

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