Craig prepares for broadcast of new show, Celebrity DIY with Craig Philips

Celebrity DIY with Craig Philips, which airs week nights at 9pm, is due to begin next week!

Craig Phillips is on a mission to teach DIY-dodgers everywhere how to master simple home improvement tasks – and he's starting with his celebrity friends! Celebrity DIY teaches you the viewer as well as a host of celebrities how to perform jobs around the house and become more hands on with home improvements. The show also gives viewers the opportunity to see inside many celebrity homes as Craig travels round the country visiting his famous friends, helping them with their DIY conundrums.

From Birds of a Feather star Linda Robson, and Jockey ace Frankie Dettori, to spoon bender extraordinaire Uri Geller and model Nancy Sorrell, watch as Craig guides them through a range of tasks to get them DIY-ing. He'll also be lending a helping hand to former glamour model Sam Fox, The One and Only singer Chesney Hawkes and comedian Rowland Rivron.