Craig turns back time with Big Brother Time Warp visit

Craig Phillips turns back time with Big Brother Time Warp visit

Craig was responsible for a spectacular blast from the past when he re-entered the Big Brother house as part of Time Warp Week.

As part of their shopping task, the current housemates had to freeze when Big Brother gave the signal, with the former tenants entering the house in attempt to get a reaction from the new class.

Craig, the show’s first ever winner, led the way through the famous Diary Room door with other former housemates following suit, and exclaimed, “We’re home!”

The BB legends, which included Glyn Wise, Victor Ebuwa, and Grace Adams-Short, had a drink and dance around the current housemates, who looked stunned.

This lasted no longer than a couple of minutes before it was time to go, but before leaving Craig said: "Thank you for the party guys, I am just very sorry you weren't invited. Goodbye."

Once the door shut, there were cheers and screams from the people left in the house, amazed at seeing the likes of Craig right before their eyes but saddened at not being able to interact with them.