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It’s Christmas time once more, so I thought I’d share a quick tale to warm your heart and prove acts of kindness still take place on a daily basis.

Craig took a trip to Portsmouth on Thursday 12th December to officially open fantastic new swimming facilities at Redwood Park Primary School in Cosham in the city.

Craig Phillips

Redwood Park, a special needs school in Portsmouth, is officially opening its swimming pool’s new changing room facilities on Friday, 12th December with the help of Checkatrade ambassador, Craig Phillips.

Craig Checkatrade

To launch the partnership brand ambassador, Craig Phillips, will join Linda Barker to host a special launch event on Thursday 27th November at Wyvern School in Ashford.

The Independent

DIY specialists Homebase have recently announced that they will be closing 25% of their stores by 2018. Craig Phillips has commented in an article in The Independent about the reasons he believes less people are making their own home improvements.


Craig Phillips came to the end of an emotional construction project recently in Shropshire as he put the finishing touches to development work at Crane Cottage. Its renovation is of sentimental value to Craig for the fact that, before he found fame on Big Brother back in 2000, he lived and worked there for a number of years.